I like to sell stuff.  I’ve been known to use humor but I’m not above evoking tears.


Cramer-Krasselt – Senior Copywriter

Radio, TV, Digital, Direct Mail, you name it, for Cedar Fair, Corona, Pacifico, Edward Jones, Porsche, Alzheimer's Association, and new business.

Energy/BBDO – Freelance Copywriter

Worked on digital projects for Aleve, Bayer Aspirin, Pearle Vision, Orbit Gum, and Raid.

Tom, Dick & Harry Creative Co., Copywriting Intern

I earned that Facebook endorsement on LinkedIn. I wrote in the voice of a potato, a frozen pizza, a bank from the future, and a Caribbean doctor. (But not at the same time, I’m not that good yet.)

Chicago Portfolio School                                                     

First, I coerced my wife into letting me spend money to change careers. Then I learned to harness my idea horse.

Tom vs. The Flash Podcast

Self-produced podcast where I talked about old comic books, which is a passion of mine. I wrote all the scripts, did all the performing, and edited it myself. In total, it has been downloaded over 1.5 million times and was featured in the USA Today Pop Culture blog.

Ernst & Young, LLP, Client Service Specialist                   

This involved convincing people to fill out forms on time, getting the returns prepared, and then convincing the taxpayer to actually file them. Lots of emails and many phone calls, and some yelling. (By them, not me.)           

Skills (Both lucrative and not.)  

Adobe CS, Audacity audio recording, sound editing, fiction writing, performance, improv, staying awake, talking, typing on social media, pretending to be consumer goods, and teamwork.