The parks have 6 months to make a billion dollars so we've got to get people fired up about the parks' opening. That's why we created these simple countdown videos.

Pop over to and get your Season Pass before prices go up in 5 days! 🎈🏃

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Season Passes are loaded with value. Four more days to get the sweetest deal in the Carolinas before prices go up May 31!

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Cotton candy is dandy and a Season Pass is very handy. Get one before prices go up in 3 days on May 31! #Carowinds

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1 day left, folks! A Platinum Pass will give you the fun you need all summer long! #IheartCP

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One of Cedar Fair's biggest challenges is that it takes some planning to get your friends to go with you to the park. It's not something you jump in the car and do, and because of that people wait. And because people wait they don't go. So we created an Instagram campaign. that let people challenge their friends to get to the park. They just had to tag them to get the message across: Let's get to the park.