Knott's Scary Farm is the original SoCal Haunt, but in recent years the area has filled up with competitors. This has led to 5 years of attendance drops for Scary Farm.

Knott’s needed its Halloween cred back, so we created a campaign that celebrates what makes Knott's different; the time and effort they put into creating an atmosphere of anticipation.

In the end, Scary Farm’s attendance didn’t just hold steady, it went up 12%.


Art Director: David Vaca / Creative Director: Pat Hanna



We created a series of teaser videos. Which was awesome, because I got to see a guy rip his finger off. 

Sightings Stunt

We took creatures from the park and hid them in creepy locations around SoCal  on four separate nights.  We then teased the locations on social media and asked people to go find the creatures, take a #scaryselife with them, and post it online. A random entry was picked to receive passes to opening night.  Turns out people are really into taking pictures of themselves with demented clowns. 



Bus Wrap & Bus Shelter Ads

Additional Art Direction: Rebecca Wilson

Banner Ads

There was also live read radio, but  you're going to have to call me and listen to me read them over the phone to you.