Our 2014 campaign freaked out enough people that they let us try it again. And it worked again, as Knott's Scary Farm gained another 5% in ticket sales. 

Our second go around included brand new video content,  OOH placements, and a social program. All of it reinforcing our concept of "Whatever You're Imagining, It's Here."


Art Director: David Vaca / Creative Director: Pat Hanna

Content Videos

Our first set of video content stuck to our formula from last year. Quick creepy videos that are made to be watched again and again. Plus we got to use a lot of fake blood.

Our second set of content was built around their new maze, Paranormal Inc. So we took park footage and "haunted" it using a data mosh technique. 


We also created an Instagram contest to promote Paranormal Inc. We asked people to post pictures of places that creep them out and use our hashtag. We then "analyzed" them and found what was scaring them.