Knott's Scary Farm is the original SoCal Haunt, but in recent years the area has filled with competitors. This led to 5 years of attendance drops for Scary Farm. Knott's had lost its cred and they needed our help

Over the last four years, we've created a series of campaigns that have highlighted exactly what makes Scary Farm different. From the atmosphere to the sheer number of scares waiting for you.

And those campaigns have led to a full recovery in attendance. Here are the highlights.

This past year our strategy was that you can't escape your fears at the park. In other words, the park is a nightmare that never ends. So we created :15s that when played together become a nightmare that never ends. 

The first year our TV campaign was all about anticipation and atmosphere, the elements that Knott's prides itself in, and the key ingredients to a good scare.  Whatever you're imagining, it's at Knott's Scary Farm. 

Digital Content

Over the years we've created a series of Instagram teaser videos for the park. It isn't often you get to climb inside of a clown made of balloons, but that's why advertising is awesome. 

Sightings Stunt

We took creatures from the park and hid them in creepy locations around SoCal  on four separate nights.  We then teased the locations on social media and asked people to go find the creatures, take a #scaryselife with them, and post it online. A random entry was picked to receive passes to opening night.  Turns out people are really into taking pictures of themselves with demented clowns. 

Bus Wrap & Bus Shelter Ads

Banner Ads